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My first ever sustainability report!

The big day has arrived... I just published my first ever Heathrow sustainability report. It's sort of felt like trying to publish a short novel in just 8 weeks, and has - quite literally - been the hardest thing I've ever had do to, during what's also generally been a tough start to 2019.

Over the past 8 weeks, I've met the most remarkable people, who - because of their incredible work in sustainability - have stopped me in my tracks due to their relentlessness in working to solve tough environmental and social challenges. I walk into work every day, and from 5 to 5 meters - I see sustainability. I see it in every meeting, every project, every colleague. Here are just a few of the sustainability heroes I am surrounded by:

It's a privilege to get to learn so much, and be surrounded by people who try and solve such complex problems. And I find it deliciously ironic that back in my school years I used to run away from all the sciencey classes (math, physics, chemistry) - and I now get to spend most of my days around the brightest engineers, working to accelerate the arrival of sustainable air travel.

It's been a real honour, and I can't wait to learn more. For now, I will leave you with just a few of the many, many people I've met and have inspired me over the past 8 weeks, and some of Heathrow's 2018 sustainability achievements. Oh - and if you want to see the actual report, you can download it from here:

Hugs to the world - from a very grateful Crista ❤️.

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