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Guest lecturing at University of Surrey

Updated: May 18, 2020

I was delighted to join Tourism MSc students at University of Surrey for a guest lecture this morning! We talked about:

- How we'll #buildbackbetter once tourism recovers 💪

- How we might see an increase in domestic #tourism in coming years 🤔

- How business travel might decrease, as companies have figured out they can work remotely and save £s 💰

- How ✈️ flight levels are likely to remain reduced compared to previous years due to economic downfall, fear of travel etc.

- How current worldwide carbon emission reductions ↘️ will provide new insights to tackle #climatechange

- How social distancing could be implemented on flights, at the airport 🛃 and in-resort

- How businesses will have to change their models to survive this crisis: restaurants focusing on deliveries, chefs doing online classes 🎥etc.

And most importantly, how even though our industry will change, young bright minds will always be needed to build a better world 🌍, where we continue to learn and connect with other countries, cultures and people. I encourage furloughed professionals to reach out to #universities and #teachers and share your knowledge with students 🧑‍🎓. More than ever, we need to engage the younger generations on #sustainability

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