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Greener Choices | Face Masks

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

A new realisation as part of my lockdown litter-picking adventures is that there are now soooo many discarded masks on our streets! Who, oh why? When there are so many local entrepreneurs creating beautiful, reusable and high-quality face masks?

I recently made this video because I wanted to highlight the growing volume of PPE waste, and provide a greener solution. Check out @SewCharlotte on Instagram and artist/maker Helen at for their fabulous masks.

So many people I how have recently told me that during lockdown they've turned to indulging in Amazon shopping - all in a semi-conscious bid to numb the painful emotions and uncertainty that has plagued us all during these challenging times. And I get it, I promise I do. But if you can somehow start to 1) filter those urges so that you truly only purchase what you need and 2) buy from small and local businesses - then you are already making a HUGE difference.

And if ya'll need some sustainable, cute masks - again - check out @SewCharlotte on Instagram and artist/maker Helen at for their beautiful wares. Mine (see below) was made by Helen - she knew of my unhealthy peony obsession and decided to indulge me.



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