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Greener Choices | Reusable Cups during Covid times

If you know me, you know one thing. I am the biggest fan of coffee. My fandom is almost Lorelai-esque! It’s my favourite morning ritual, and I could write pages and pages about it.

As more and more coffee shops have started to re-open these days, I ended up going to two different cafes on Monday, and had a very different experience in both. One told me they’d be happy to serve coffee in my reusable cup, and the other…well, it took me some time to convince them, but they eventually caved.

It made me think - why did it have to take so much convincing?

Reusable coffee cups are now being refused due to Covid-19, yet this is not only the greener option, but the safer one too - as it can be completely contactless. This took me on a rabbit hole of documenting this issue - and low and behold, I made another video:

More than 100 scientists, doctors and biologists signed a statement on 22nd June - advising that reusables can be safe, if thoroughly washed. We all know that #BuildBackBetter should be about progress, not regress - so isn't this an opportunity do better? I think it is.

As a consumer, you have two options. You can suggest to your barista that a contactless reusable cup transaction is possible. And you can sign this petition for Government to introduce a surcharge on single-use cups

Sending hugs,

Crista x

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