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Volunteering in the Calais refugee camp

Updated: May 20, 2020

2016 was a year full of epiphanies! I kept on reading all sorts of articles about how the refugee crisis was evolving in Calais and how the numbers of people requiring support kept on rising. I was living in Hythe, Kent at the time, and since calais was only 1hr away I decided to spend a weekend volunteering at the camp.

My friend Maddie (from Fides Films) decided to join this whole experience, too, so we packed our bags for the weekend, took the ferry over to France, and had a very interesting experience and learned so much about the situation. While we weren't actually allowed in the camp (a measure put in place to stop too-eager volunteers gawking at vulnerable people) we helped by putting together food parcels, helping with cooking, and sorting through clothes donations. Travel Weekly wrote about our experience:

Later in the year, after I further immersed myself in the challenges the refugee crisis was posing, I ended up organising and hosting a session at World Travel Market on 'How Tourism can Help the Refugee Crisis' - see below:

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